Brain Games

Brain games designed by scientists

The Lumosity brain games focus on training the mind in an interactive environment. These games and exercises are a fast, fun, and effective way to improve cognitive performance and brain health. The brain games are short and fit into a daily 10 minute session. Read about a selection of our games below.

Brain Game: Monster Garden

brain game - memory
Monster Garden

Area of Cognition: Memory. Monster Garden improves your memory and attention with a spatial memory task. As your spatial and working memory improves, you will be able to navigate through progressively harder levels.

Working memory is closely correlated with general intelligence.

Brain Game: Word Bubbles

brain game - processing speed
Word Bubbles

Area of Cognition: Processing Speed. Word Bubbles was designed to train and improve your processing speed and word-finding ability. The brain's speed of processing is an important factor determining how quickly a person can think, take in sensory information, or conduct other cognitive processes such as remembering or comprehending language.

Brain Game: Birdwatching

brain game - attention

Area of Cognition: Attention. Birdwatching improves attention and the ability to process visual information. These abilities are important in many everyday activities including driving and playing sports. The task gets progressively more challenging to accommodate your improvements in visual attention and processing speed.

Brain Game: Lost in Migration

brain game - executive processing
Lost in Migration

Area of Cognition: Cognitive Control. Lost in Migration is designed to train and improve your cognitive control and reaction time. This task focuses on supressing your automatic - almost reflexive - responses, helping you stay focused on the greater goal.

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Llevo completadas 9 de 30 sesiones y ya estoy experimentando una mejoría excelente en mi memoria. Ahora puedo copiar un número de 9 cifras tras verlo de pasada.

--Loretta Michaels, 47, bibliotecaria, San Jose, CA